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Frustration to Motivation

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween! I'm so glad it's November and the holidays are right around the corner!!  For me this is the worst time of year for my waistline and health.  Family events full of decadent foods and repeat feast binging can leave you discouraged at best.

Too many articles & blogs make living healthy sound like it should come naturally to everyone.  That's simply not true.  In believing this myth, people end up frustrated & confused, and those who struggle with going to the gym or eating well end up feeling guilty about their internal health battle, especially during the holidays.  Healthy behaviors are not inherently difficult.  Everyone can eat healthy or exercise at some level, but the process is definitely a marathon that requires consistency and dedication...two things I have struggled with in life.  There can be serious frustration involved in fighting for something you desperately want, but is so difficult to achieve.  And then sticking with it and fighting even when you don't see the results, it's all part of the health battle.

It's important to not strive after perfection when it comes to your'll never make it.  No one is perfect.  Even if you have a hollywood body, we all know you've eaten a cheeseburger or two.  But taking a realistic approach to how you manage your eating and tempering your expectations can reinforce your progress and uncover newfound motivation.  Many times we make small successes without evening recognizing it.  Even small victories must be celebrated as they are creating momentum.

Here are some tips to help us in our journey.

Baby Steps: When trying to loose weight and become healthier don't eliminate an entire macronutrient such as protein, carbs or fats.  This is going to make your diet harder and your cravings stronger.  But, replacing small amounts of carbs or fat with more protein will help you feel full longer and get you headed in the right direction toward weight loss.  If you are a huge soda drinker, instead of going cold turkey, trying cutting back to one or two a day while adding more water to your diet.

Eat More: Often, that is.  I know this is a hard one for those who work in a fast paced office or just have a hectic home schedule, but doing so will truly benefit your weight loss efforts.  Eating 4-6 meals per day can help even out the rise and fall of blood sugars and therefore stabilize your metabolism throughout the day.

Exercise: I am a fan of the Biggest Loser television show.  I love to watch people's emotional journey as they reclaim their lives.  But, every time I walk into the gym or think about exercising, I feel like I need to have a Bob or Jillian moment.  I think to myself, where is all the blood, sweat and tears??  Why can't I run at a 5 incline going 6mph?  When beginning to exercise it's so important NOT to go full-throttle if you are not used to having daily exercise.  Take small steps like a walk in the evening with your family.  Each day, pick up the pace or add some distance.  We've all heard it before but...take the stairs! It's another great way to add a little exercise instead of a ride.

8-10 of Each: Sleep and water are extremely important to a healthy lifestyle.  It is recommended that the average adult get 8 hours of sleep every day.  My husband would probably suggest I sleep 10 to improve my mood, but 8 is the recommended amount.  Water is of vital importance to your body's processes.  Not only does it help improve the quality of your cells and wash away toxins, it actually burns calories.  That's right! When you drink cold water your body actually burns calories heating the water up to match your body temperature so that it can be processed.  Drinking 64oz of ice water each day will wind up saving you 70 calories!  And 70 calories a day starts to really add up!

I hope that these tips help.  Remember, regardless of your personal hurdles, your potential is UNLIMITED!


  1. Love reading about your new journey! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Danielle! I just got this post for some reason - Sorry it's late! :)


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