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Super Size Me

This movie was made in late 2004 and several years completely changed the way I saw fast food.  

"Several legal suits have been brought against MacDonald's Restaurants that they are knowingly selling food that is unhealthy. Some of the court decisions have stated that the plaintiffs would have a claim if they could prove that eating the food every day for every meal is dangerous. As such, documentarian Morgan Spurlock conducts an unscientific experiment using himself as the guinea pig: eat only MacDonald's for thirty days, three meals a day. If he is asked by the clerk if he would like the meal super sized, he has to say yes. And by the end of the thirty days, he will have had to have eaten every single menu item at least once. Before starting the experiment, he is tested by three doctors - a general practitioner, a cardiologist and a gastroenterologist - who pronounce his general health to be outstanding. They will also monitor him over the thirty days to ensure that he is not placing his health into irreparable damage." -Courtesty IMDb


  1. I would think common sense would tell you not to eat fast food every day. I do not really like the people that blame the fast food places for the bad health.

  2. I completely agree! The last time I checked, no one was shoving a burger into my mouth! LOL :) I think it's just as ridiculous for people to sue tobacco companies when they get lung cancer...really? But what I do think is important about this film is the documented health effects and how his body responded to the fast food. I wish that everyone had our common sense, but I have several friends and relatives that eat fast food sometimes twice a day. And even though they are suffering from the ill health effects of their choices, they continue to poison their body with fast food... I think that nutrition education has to begin at home.


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