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The Dairy/Calcium Myth...

The biggest draw myth about dairy products is the amount of calcium they contain and that dairy is the only place high levels of calcium can be found.  We've been led to believe that if we are going to "grow up big & strong" and have strong bones we have to have 3-5 servings of dairy a day.

"When studies examine the effects of one nutrient at a time, they show that some nutrients - magnesium, potassium, vitamin D, and lactose for example - promote calcium retention. Others - like protein, phosphorus, and sodium - promote calcium excretion.  So calcium retention and the strength of your bones may depend much more on everything else you are eating, and how active you are, than how much calcium you take in." ~ Marion Nestle

Calcium intake is important when accompanied with a healthy diet, but attaining a proper should not be dependent on dairy alone.  Just switching from 1% Milk to Almond Milk will give you an additional 160mg of Calcium per serving.

8oz of 1% Milk = 290mg of Calcium (29% of daily)
8oz of Regular Almond Milk = 450mg of Calcium (45% of daily)

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