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5 Yoga Poses I Use to Start My Day

I have a long family history of joint disease, arthritis and inflammation. So every morning when I get out of bed I take a minute to stretch my body, get the blood flowing and remind my muscles that I'm in charge!

Here are the 5 Yoga poses that I do every morning to get my body moving! Remember to take full deep breaths, filling your entire diaphragm and abdomen, then slowly push the air out of your lungs, tucking your belly button toward your spine.  Allow your body to stretch and elongate. Remember, stretching should NEVER by painful.  And now the legal suits want me to remind you to "consult a physician or healthcare provider before starting any type of physical activity." :)

1. Standing Back Bend and Side Stretches

2. Forward Fold

3. Tree Pose

4. Cat-Cow

5. Down Dog

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