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Cottage Cheese Chocolate Raspberry Dessert

Cottage Cheese Chocolate Raspberry Dessert

1c fat free cottage cheese
3 tblsp raspberry fruit spread (I use Polaner)
2 tlbsp cocoa powder
4c raspberries
2 tblsp mini dark chocolate chunks (try for 70% cocoa)

In a blender, add the cottage cheese, fruit spread and cocoa powder. Blend on high until smooth, turning off the blender in between to scape down the sides.  Transfer the mixture to a resealable plastic container and refrigerate for 1 hour, or until chilled.

Divide the raspberries evenly among 4 serving bowls. Spoon one-quarter of the chocolate mixture (about 1/4c) over each and top with 1/2 tblsp of chocolate chunks.

Makes 4 Servings   179cal   9g protein   31g carbs   3g fat   10g fiber

Recipe & Photo Courtesy of the Biggest Loser Cookbook

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