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Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

1 package of yeast
1/4c warm water
1 tblsp honey
3-3/4c whole wheat flour
1c cool water
1 tblsp olive oil
pinch salt

In a small bowl, sprinkle the yeast in warm water, then add honey and let stand for 5 minutes until foaming.

Add to your food processor the flour.  Mix 1c cool water with the olive oil and slat.  With the motor running on the food processor, slowly pour the water mixture into the food processor, then the yeast mixture.  Process until the dough forms a ball and rides around the food processor.

Spritz a large bowl with olive oil spray and add the ball of dough.  Gently cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let rise in a warm place until dough has doubled in size.  Punch the dough down and knead on a lightly floured counter for 1 minute.  Divide the dough into 4 equal portions and roll them into balls.  Place on a baking sheet and cover with a damp towel.  Let the dough rest for several hours or even overnight in the refrigerator before use.

When ready to use, preheat your oven to 500F degrees and place your pizza stone or baking sheet in the oven.  Roll and stretch a ball of dough into a 8-10" circle (depending on the thickness you like your crust - we like thin & crispy).  Remove your stone or baking sheet from the oven, add your crust and then toppings.  Return back to the oven for 10-12 minutes or until both cheese and crust are golden brown to your liking.

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