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27 Ways to Lift Your Mood in Minutes

What makes you feel amazing? What can snap you out of a bad mood in seconds?

One of the key things we learn at Integrative Nutrition is how to fill our whole selves with what we call “Primary Food” – the relationships, activities, work, exercise, and spiritual practices that fulfill our lives and fill us up in ways that food cannot.

I am continually encouraging my clients to nourish themselves with healthy doses of Vitamin L (love) and primary food. Here's some ideas that make me feel my best:
Working it out
Physical movement is high on the list. Many of us like to hit the gym, do some kickboxing, crank up the tunes and dance in our living room (my favorite), shake it up in a high-energy Zumba class, or Zen out with yoga.

Taking it outside
Connecting with nature, working in the garden, taking a long walk in the neighborhood or on the beach, or taking the dog for a walk are some favorites.

Having more fun
Fun and laughter are good medicine for down moods. Laughing with a friend, watching a funny movie or show, flying a kite, and singing are ways I cheer myself up.

Connecting spiritually
Praying, meditating, journaling it out, writing a gratitude list, deep breathing, and reminding ourselves that this, too, shall pass, are all ways you go inside ourselves to reconnect and recharge. 

Connecting with loved ones
Surrounding ourselves with our children, family, talking with a good friend, getting hugs, and even connecting with like-minded people on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets make us all feel more connected and less alone.

Nourishing with energizing food
A warm cup of tea, cooking a healthy meal, an energizing juice, or a taste of dark chocolate can lift our moods.

How do you cheer yourself up? Leave us a comment below or continue the conversation on Facebook.

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