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47 Smoothies for Summer

What's better to enjoy over these hot, humid summer months than a refreshing and restoring smoothie or juice? We've rounded up dozens of delicious recipes from my Integrative Nutrition community, my professors, and other wellness experts, mixing in a variety of ingredients and health benefits.

Whether you're recovering from a run on the beach, or you went overboard at the Fourth of July picnic and need a little detox, there's something for everyone on this list!


Filled with healthy fats from natural ingredients like coconut, almonds, and avocado, these rich recipes will leave your stomach satiated and your skin glowing!


These recipes have a combination of cleansing ingredients that will help get your systems back on track!


Packed with fresh fruits and vegetables, these hydrating recipes will give you a natural boost of energy for waking up in the morning, or pushing through an afternoon slump!


These recipes include a protein source such as nut butter or protein powder, making them ideal for a substantial snack or refueling post-workout to help repair muscle tissue.


Packed full of vitamins A & C from fresh fruits, spices, and herbs, these antioxidant-rich recipes will keep your immune system strong, and give it a boost if you're fighting any germs!
*Feel free to omit or substitute any of the ingredients in these recipes to suit your personal preference.
Do you have a great summer smoothie or juice recipe?

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