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Detoxification is a natural part of our body’s daily functions. As living organisms, we are constantly taking in fresh forms of nourishment and eliminating the components that have been used up, as well as those that were not beneficial to begin with. But does this process always work efficiently?
Unfortunately, things like stress, pollution, lack of sleep, and even negative emotions can drain our immune system’s ability to filter out some of those harmful substances.
The result is toxic build-up, which can cause a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms, such as difficulty losing weight, headaches, allergies, digestive distress, and fatigue - not to mention interference with the absorption of new nutrients from a healthy diet. Over time, toxins can cause inflammation, and lead to more serious conditions such as autoimmunity, heart disease, or cancer.
Now for the good news!
Periodic cleansing, along with regular exercise and plenty of water, can boost your ability to get rid of toxins and have a strong and healthy immune system. Just like you clean your home on a regular basis, doing some internal cleaning of your body will help you feel lighter, have more energy, think more clearly, and reduce the discomfort of a variety of physical ailments.
In case you’ve heard that cleansing can be challenging or unpleasant, have no fear. At least one of these cleansing methods is likely to suit you:
Beginner cleansing.
You don’t have to go all out and deprive yourself of food in order to give your digestive and immune systems a chance to recuperate. The temporarily withdrawal of even one common food allergen from your diet can have enormous benefits. The difference in how you feel may be so dramatic that you decide to permanently exclude certain foods from your diet! We recommend completely eliminating one or more of the following foods, 1 at a time for 1-2 weeks, and then reintroducing it slowly to see how you react: dairy, sugar, animal proteins, wheat (gluten), and processed foods.
Intermediate cleansing.
If your diet rarely includes the foods listed above, then you can take it to the next level by trying a vegan cleanse for 3-7 days. The vegan diet has gained popularity as one that is both health-promoting, due to its high vegetable content, and ethical, as it excludes animal foods such as meat and dairy. This may not work for you as a long-term diet, but it can be an excellent way to gently detoxify and reboot your system.
Advanced cleansing.
Provided that you are in good health, and your healthcare provider supports an advanced cleanse of this nature, a brief raw food or juice cleanse can also be beneficial. This cleanse can be done for 3-5 days and entails consuming only raw natural foods in whole or juice form. These cleanses are effective at cleaning out your digestive system while giving you plenty of vitamins and minerals. Just make sure to do your research, and prepare yourself both physically and mentally before you begin the cleanse.
No matter your cleansing style, enlisting the support of friends and family can help you fight temptation and stay focused on your goal of symptom-free health. We also recommend that you take it easy while detoxing, and choose a time when your stress level can be kept to a minimum. Coupling a cleanse with gentle self-care activities such as prayer or massage can truly enhance those few days for a full mind-body experience.

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