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Do you Self-Sabotage?

Do you self-sabotage? If you're human, than your answer is YES!

There are many things that can set us up for success; keeping a food diary, menu planning, setting aside time for ourselves, etc... But what happens when we know what to do, we've even done it, but suddenly self sabotage creeps in.  I believe Alyce P. Cornyn says it the best, "Self sabotage is when we say we want something and go around making sure it doesnt' happen." Here are some tips to prevent self-sabotage.

Imperfection: I tend to be a perfectionist in many areas of my life.  My eating habits are no exception.  We all have times when we slip, when eating that extra muffin or having a sugary snack is just too much to say no to.  Or our schedules or lifestyle have gotten the better of us.  After these mistakes, I quit.  I think to myself, "Why should I continue to eat well the rest of the day when I've just blown my calories for the month!" But what we must remember is that every time we make a healthy decision, we are saving ourselves from bad consequences. Every healthy & wholesome meal I eat is one step closer to my goal and one step farther away from heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. "Success is not final, Failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts." Albert Einstein.  We all make mistakes, learn from them and KEEP GOING!

Attitude: Many people think that happiness is something that magically happens when all is "right" in your world, but true happiness comes when you can overlook your circumstances and find the blessings in everything.  After being diagnosed with PCOS and having to tell my fiance I am not able to have children, I felt like there would never be a darker day. Until my symptoms of PCOS reared their ugly head.  Every day I live in the circumstances of my syndrome, but as unpleasant as they are I cannot sit and pity myself or wallow in these symptoms. I hate broccoli but I eat it several times I week.  In the beginning it was begrudgingly, but I have changed my attitude toward this little green vegetable. It's saving my life.  It's filling my body with nutrients and antioxidants.  When I put it in perspective eating broccoli isn't so bad. Neither is drinking almond milk or giving up sugar. It's not that any of it tastes any better or that passing up a piece of cake is any less difficult, but my attitude toward my circumstances has changed. I'm going to live longer! Slowly my symptoms are improving! Every time we look past our sometimes awful or irritating circumstances and look at the blessing, we cultivate happiness and it becomes a habit!  I am excited that one day happiness will just be an automatic habit for me!  "Happiness is a habit - cultivate it." Elbert Hubbard

Procrastination: This was my favorite word growing up. "Clean your room" "Pick up your clothes," my mom would yell.  And my continual response was "LATER!" Well "later" followed me into adulthood and I still haven't quite escaped it.  Procrastination can creep in at any time, whether it's putting off the gym, waiting to prep for a meal until you are starving, running to the grocery store when the cabinets are literally bare.  We all know that waiting until the last minute doesn't do us any favors, it actually prevents us from success, elevates our stress levels & causes us to make excuses later like "I just don't have time." Make time!  I find that when I immediately take care of the things that I hate to do most, I feel empowered to do more!!  "Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and it's toll on success and happiness is heavy."  Wayne Gretzky

     What other ways do we 
 self-sabotage & how can we 
prevent these breakdowns in 
    our journey to success?

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