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Rosemary Chicken Burgers with Garlic Mayo

Rosemary Chicken Burgers with Garlic Mayo

1c Mayo
1/4c Fresh Rosemary Chopped (I used 3 Tbsp of dried Rosemary)
1 clove Garlic

In a small bowl, mix together mayonnaise, garlic, and rosemary; set aside.

1lb Ground Chicken
Pinch Salt & Pepper
1/2 of the Mayo Mixture

For the burgers: Preheat your grill or a pan over medium-high heat.  In a large bowl, add the ground chicken, salt, pepper, and 1/2 of the mayonnaise mixture. Mix well. Yes, the mixture is EXTREMELY sticky and wet, but that makes for really juicy, moist burgers.  Form into 4 patties and place on pan or grill.  Cook for about 7 minutes on each side. Make sure not to turn the burgers until there is a nice golden brown crust.  Transfer to paper towels and let rest for a few minutes.

Take your Whole Wheat Buns & cut in half. Spritz with Olive Oil & smear a VERY small amount of mayo on the buns and toast on grill or stove top.  Remove & smear the remainder of the mayo mixture on the buns & add your burgers!

Recipe courtesy of Giada De Laurentiis
Photo courtesy of Jessica G.


  1. I absolutely love these! Super easy to make & delicious!! I hope you enjoy them! :)


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