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Houston Area Healthy Grocery Store Deals & Farmer's Markets - thru 3/20

This week, you are going to find a TON of sales on meat - but be wary of purchasing just any meats for your family. Some of my main concerns when purchasing meat are 1) Hormones, Fillers & Antibiotics 2) Pink Slim in Ground Meat and 3) Fat Content.  When purchasing your meats, try your best to adhere to these suggestions -

1. Hormones, Fillers & Antibiotics are in most meat products not labeled with special wording like  "Grass Fed""Hormone & Antibiotic Free" "Filler & Additive Free" These products have been heavily processed, most often containing high levels of antibiotics which transfer to you when eaten through the fat in the meat.  Also dangerous are the hormones in these meats, especially for pregnant women, those with hormonal imbalances & women in menopause. So, whenever possible, opt for "Grass Fed" "Hormone & Antibiotic Free" "Filler & Additive Free" - Pay special attention to meats claiming to be "All Natural'.  Many meat producers easily get away with the term "natural" as meat is a "natural" product meaning it is not synthesized.

2. The dreaded "pink slime" which is what most grocery stores and meat processing plants use in their ground meat products. And don't think you are safe from the slime if you are purchasing ground turkey or chicken.  Every type of meat has it's own form of slime filler.  Your best & only guarantee of staying clear of the pink slime is to either purchase your meat from a local farm, use certified organic meats or the most cost effective way - scan the meat aisle for a nice, lean roast.  Once you found one that will fit your "fat content" preference and your wallet, take it over to the meat counter and ask that your roast be ground into fine burger. Ask for no fillers to be added. You can even ask for it be packaged in 1 pound portions for easy freezing! All at NO CHARGE!! The same can be done with chicken breasts & turkey breasts!

3. Fat Content is a huge deal when you're trying to get healthy.  Most Americans go for the 80/20 when buying hamburger which will provide you and your family with 300 calories & 23g of fat per 4oz serving (the average american eats 6-8oz of meat per serving!)  So, if you have a burger or two for dinner, you could be eating upwards of 46g of fat!!  Instead, opt for the leaner & tastier option of 93/7 Ground Beef. This is one of the leanest options, at only $3.89/lb!!  This is the ONLY form of ground beef that we use and HEB has this in a "Grass Fed" & "USDA Organic"option!!

White Seedless Grapes 5lb for $5
Vine Tomatoes 5lb for $5
Atlantic Salmon Burgers FRESH! 2 for $6
Poblano Peppers $0.98/lb
Buy Monterey Mushrooms &get Mann's Veggies FREE
Red Pears $0.98/lb
Platic Cups & Napkins 5 for $5
Trash Bags (15ct) 5 for $5
Sour Cream Low Fat or Fat Free 5 for $5
SmartWater 5 for $5
GreenWorks Natural Dish Soap $2.27 ea

White Seedless Grapes $0.99/lb
Cabbage $0.39/lb
Dole Salad Blends $2.49 ea
Ozarka Water (3 Liter) $0.50 ea
Cataloupe $1.88 ea
Avocados or Mangos 4 for $5
Cliff or LaraBar 10 for $10 (GREAT DEAL!!)
Simple Truth Cage Free Eggs $2.29 ea
SmartWater $0.50 ea
Light Tuna in Water $0.79ea

Houston Area Farmer's Markets:
     - Saturdays 9am-1pm
     - 2nd & 4th Sundays 12pm-4pm (Open This Sunday!)
     - Saturdays 8am-1pm
     - Fridays 4pm-7pm
     - Saturdays 9am -1 pm
                                                          Katy LaCenterra Farmer's Market
                                                                - Saturday 9am -1pm
                                                          Houston Rice University Farmer's Market
                                                               - Tuesdays 3:30pm -7pm

**Please note that while I shop mostly at Farmer's Markets and HEB.  I am not employed by or co-producer with either of these entities.  I do believe in supporting our local farmers, buying organic as often as possible and whenever available and spending my food dollars within the state of Texas and more closely within my farming community.  I encourage everyone to visit a farmer's market prior to heading to the grocery store - you never know what you might find and for what price!

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