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93/7 Lean Ground Beef $3.27/lb - Order TODAY!

Zaycon Foods will begin taking orders for their 93/7 Lean Ground Beef @ $3.27/lb
for Pickup March 30th! 
Orders must be placed by March 24th!

This ground beef is super fresh & lean!  At only 180 calories and 7g of fat for a 4oz portion - you can't go wrong!!  Used to purchasing 80/20 at the grocery store? Did you know that a 4oz portion of 80/20 ground beef has over 23g of fat!!  Switch over to this healthier and taster option!  The media has been going on and on about the "pink slime" that processing plants are using to add cheap bulk to ground beef.  After speaking with Zaycon Foods today - they have told me there are NO additives, pink slime, food dies or any other added hormones or artificial ingredients!!
   -100% Natural
   -No hormones, additives or artificial ingredients.
   -Comes in 40 pound cases
   -Direct from farm to processor - Never been frozen
                                                      -Butchered within 48-72 hours of delivery
                                                      -Pickup Only - They load it for you!

Each case contains 4 large plastic "chubs" of lean ground beef. These have never been frozen and will need to be repackaged.  After picking up our order, we weigh out our ground beef into 1 pound increments and repackage in ziploc bags for easy storing int he freezer! We have not have any problems with frost bite or freezer burn!

If you are interested in purchasing, you can create a free account at the Zaycon Foods website: 

Pickup locations are all over the Texas, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Arizona, Georgia, Mississippi. North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee States right now.  They will do more events in the Northern & Western Regions in a couple months.  I'll keep you posted on those!!  If you have any questions or need help with your order, please do not hesitate to leave a comment on this page or contact me! I would love to help get you started!! Enjoy!!

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