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Best & Worst Thanksgiving Foods List

Good choices & portion control are going to be your success secrets this Thanksgiving holiday.  I have complied a list of the best and worst Thanksgiving foods to help you make better decisions and avoid that "stuffed turkey" feeling!  Can you guess which is the skinny pick?

White Meat or Dark Meat? 
White! Choosing 3oz of "white" turkey meat over "dark," will save you 50 calories & 4 grams of fat per serving! The darker the meat, the higher the fat content.  Easy choice for me, I prefer white meat :o)
Stuffing or Dinner Roll with Butter? 
Dinner Roll wins! Although dinner rolls are made with white flour and adding butter doesn't help, they come in at 140 calories and 4.5g of fat vs. stuffing at 317 calories and over 19g of fat for a 3/4c serving.  I myself LOVE stuffing and will probably choose to eat a smaller portion.  

Green Bean or Sweet Potato Casserole?
Green Bean Casserole is the skinnier choice! Packed with tons of nutrients and naturally low in calories, choosing Green Bean Casserole over the Sweet Potatoes will save you 124 calories 
per 3/4cup!

Gravy or Jelled Cranberries: 
Suprise!! It's Gravy!  I know, I'm so excited! 
1/4 cup of Gravy has only 30 calories and 
1.5g of fat while Jelled Cranberries as 
110 calories, mostly due to the amount of 
added sugar.

Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie? 
Pumpkin, hands down! Pumpkin pie is 
still high in calories and fat.  But if it's a 
choice between pumpkin at 316 calories 
and 14g of fat vs. apple at 411 calories 
and 19g fat, you're better off with the 

Article revision from Eating Well. Photos from Eating Well.

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