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Nutrition Counseling

Our clients are people just like you that are struggling with what to put on the table each and every day. What sets each client apart is their motivation to improve their health. For some it's an illness, for others it weight loss or the hopes of a healthier and more active family. Regardless of your reason for needing change, we are here to lead you into making better decisions for yourself and your family. We design personalized private sessions for each individual client, providing you with all the information you need to make informed nutrition and health decisions for yourself. When is the last time a health professional sat down, educated you and allowed you to make the best decisions for yourself? You are in charge of your own health and wellbeing. At Renew Health Coaching, you will feel empowered with the energy and know-how to regain your best health yet!​​

Private Counseling
This Program is best for those that would like one-on-one support and counseling with full, round the clock support to meet your health & wellness needs.  This is by far our best package and allows for the most amount of support and accountability.

  Personalized Private Sessions                         Unlimited Email Support
  Supplement Recommendations                        Overall Health Guidance
  Simple, Quick & Easy Menu Plan                     A Partnership that Works!
  Full Support To Reach Your Goals                   Best Value
  Stop Sugar Cravings & Binge Eating                Continued Maintenance
  Two 1 hour Sessions Per Month                       Learn to Health Your Body Naturally
  A Lifestyle to Support Your Body

Group Counseling
This program was designed for a busier lifestyle.  With one session online and the second over the phone, it affords the best of both worlds, the support of Renew's counselor and the support of a community of members with similar goals.

  One Online Session Per Month
  One Phone Session Per Month                  
  Craving Management          
  Supplement Consultation
  Support from Peers & Counselor                
  Simple & Quick Recipes

Single Visits
These appointments are scheduled at your leisure when necessary. These appointments can be made at any time throughout the week. We do our best at Renew Health Coaching to accommodate your schedule whenever possible.

  Get Well Session
         We treat things like colds, flu, bladder infections, dandruff, skin irritations, warts, etc...
  Get Started Session
         Not sure where to begin? We'll give you great secrets to drop the pounds!
  Maintenance Session
          In a slump? Try our Maintenance session to get back on track or to update your dietary needs.
  Vitamin/Supplement Setup Session
         Not sure what you should be taking and when? We'll set you up to get the best out of your supplements.

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