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Counseling FAQ's

1 - What is Nutrition Counseling?
Nutrition Counsleing is a step-by-step process moving you towards your health & wellness goals. The counseling relationship empowers you to create permanent changes that you have found difficult to do on your own. I will provide you with support, educational resources, weight loss, stress management and other health improvement tools, as well as one-on-one motivation to achieve your goals.

2 - I've tried diets and nothing seems right for me - how will working with a health coach be different?
What you have probably found is that the diet programs you’re seeing require you to adapt your lifestyle to the diet. You try it out for a while, and when obstacles come up, as they inevitably do, the risk of giving up is very high – at 91% to be exact. When you work with me, we partner together to design your unique healthy habits program from the ground up – one that is enjoyable, empowering and lasting. One that is based on your own motivation to be well.

3 - What should i expect from the program?
Expect to experience a very common-sense, step-by-step and supportive approach to improving your health. Follow the recommendations and put forth your best effort and you will be sure to reach your goals!

4 - What type of clients do you work with?
We evaluate clients who are looking to create lasting lifestyle changes and are not looking for a “quick fix”. Those that are committed to improving the quality of their life and health.

5 - Am I a good candidate for your program?
If you can say yes to more than two of these statements, you may benefit from seeking my help.
My health is suffering.                    I'm burned out on dieting
I'm overweight & tired.                   I have no time to enjoy life.
I often feel stressed out.                I want to make long-lasting changes.

6 - Will I have to follow a "diet", measure or count calories?

This is the complete opposite of what I do. Rather, I empower clients to weed through media confusion and discover for themselves exactly what types of foods they thrive on, and which foods are having a negative impact on their health. My mission is to help clients make long term lifestyle changes that enable them to never again follow a diet.

7 - Are your fees competitive?
Not only are my fees competitive - I work with my clients on a sliding pay scale. That's right! Your cost is based on your income.  Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to "get healthy" while putting yourself in a hole financially? I provide top notch service, resources and information all while keeping my fees reasonable!

8 - How do I know who is a good Health Coach?
There are many well-trained Health Coaches to choose from. In general, it’s recommended to review his/her certifications, life experience in general, testimonials, breadth of experience, and additional specialties that may interest you.

9 - When is the best time to start?
Nobody wants to waste their money. How important is it to you to improve your health, reduce stress, increase your happiness, and take better care of yourself and your family? There isn’t anything more important than feeling good. Prevention is the key to staying healthy and enjoying life. Think back to the last time you were sick and how you promised yourself that you’d take better care of yourself once you recovered. Now is always the best time to take action and keep your promise to yourself.

10 - How to get started...
Getting started is easy. Just click here to schedule your 30-minute Free Health History Session to get crystal clear on how you can improve your life in a meaningful way starting now and to get help selecting the right coaching package for your needs.

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