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57 Juices & Smoothies of The Rainbow

September 22nd is the first official day of fall! As we move into the cooler months, it’s a great time to enjoy fresh seasonal foods and lighten up our day with the most satisfying and nutritious of beverages: juice and smoothies.
I’ve rounded up a list of 57 delicious juice and smoothie recipes that cover the entire color spectrum of the rainbow. Eating a wide variety of colors is excellent for your health – the phytonutrients that give fruits and vegetables their lovely hues also enhance bodily functions and prevent illness. You're welcome :)

Red for Heart Health
Naturally red foods are rich in lycopene and anthocyanin, phytonutrients that improve blood pressure and enhance the circulatory system.

Orange for Cancer Prevention
Orange foods are high in beta-carotene, which supports the immune system and aids in the prevention of cancer, heart disease, and infections.

Yellow for Beauty
Yellow foods are high in vitamin C, which fights free radicals and maintains healthy skin, reduces inflammation, and prevents allergies.

Green for Detoxification
Green foods get their hue from chlorophyll, a natural blood purifier that increases red blood cell count and helps the liver and kidneys eliminate toxins.

Blue and Purple for Longevity
Blue and purple foods contain the most antioxidants of all other colors and contribute to overall disease prevention and longevity.
Have a happy, healthy, and nutritious fall!

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