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The Chicken Is In!

Not only is our family striving to be healthier, but we are trying to do it on a budget! Which can be difficult.  The majority of grocery stores are offering coupons and promotions on manufactured and processed food products.  Rarely do you see a coupon or amazing sale on ground turkey.  So, in search of healthy, budget friendly foods, we found a national company that sells all natural, bulk meats, seafood & fruit.  Zaycon Foods is such amaxing company.  They are able to combine the buying power of hundreds of families to lower the prices on your food purchases.  In addition, your products are coming directly from the farm to you! Zaycon guarentees that your chicken, beef, etc... is butchered & bagged the day before you pick it up!  Their meets are 100% natural and contain no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients!

We decided to purchase a case of chicken which is sold in 40 pound cases.  We paid $59.60 for our 40lbs, which is $1.49 per pound for 100% all natural, hormone free chicken!!  When we went to pickup our chicken, we didn't even have to get out of the car.  They check your name & order, then load it in the vehicle for you.  It's the best "drive through" EVER!!


The chicken is packaged in four, 10 pound bags. Each piece is boneless, skinless and butterflied.  Just as you would when buying meat at the grocery store, I took a little time to remove any extra fat & packaged them in quart sized freezer bags.  Of the 40 pounds of chicken we purchased, we packaged & froze 38 large chicken breasts!!  We have already had the opporunity to grill up a couple & they are amazing!! I am so please with this company, it's quality products & it's great prices!!

If you are interested in purchasing from 
Zaycon Foods, please follow this link to see 
products in your area.

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